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Apr. 6th, 2007

I was reading an arcticle today talking about how many of the Iraqi people are against the US occupation..and why they did. Their own people have begune to kidnap and harrass them, which is unfounded and wrong, but why do they do it? If you look back on the the Afghanistan history it has been filled with fighting other that have invaded their county (mainly the russians). You look at the proximity and you figure there's got to be soemthing going on there. Personally, I think that the lack of information being spread through out the middle eastern countries is affecting what is happening...Iknow they are not stone age countires, but a lot of the places in those countries are...we still have areas in the US that are without actual international news...though the AP is rapidly putting an end to this...am I wrong? someone please argue with me. I know that the news is a huuuuuge war tool throughout the world..but the US is less able to use it than other countries..and we're not talking bout "americans are infidels" we're talking bout..er..I'm talking bout...mis information..gah..I've rambled on too long and lost my sight.. :(...I'll continue this or some other diatribe later on :P

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