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another lonley holiday in the ville. I decided not to go home for fall break or thanksgiving, seeing as it's so expensive, and to go home for such a short amount of time, in conjunction wit the fact that none of my friends would be home, seems ridiculus. We celebrated nikkis neeever ending birthday with drinks every night..Hung out at the sig house and talked politics and religion, which, though interesting always, achieves a complete new meaqning when done drunkenly. Tonight there's a party at Aubrye's house, which ought to be fun. For now I'm just going to study ma china goodness, and perhaps take a mid-day nap. ooooooh! I also downloaded some new rings for my phone, including: red red wine, santeria, Take on me, and tainted love. Just can't get enough of that eighties goodness :P If anyone has any suggestions for a new cologne, please let me know. I'm running slightly low, and I think it's time for a new fragrance anyway. Now I'm off to..do something Ta ta!
Just finished writing a paper..at 330 in the morning. You know you're in college when you go to th computer lab at 330 in the morning, and it's full...I'm not sure how I'm going to get to sleep now, with all this coffee in me, but I suppose it's worth a try. I got my new phone, and it's faabulous, so I'm happy. Other stuff makes me had, but more on that later. Right now I think I'll go down and stare at the ceiling till babies start walking across it. ta ta!

Oct. 4th, 2004

forsaken dream in a half moons light,
silver smoke into liquid night,
a slaves words falling flat.

I am the forgotten living.
antique rust settling
in orange stucco.

In a granite tomb,
on 81st and park,
lie living proof
of the dead.

Waxen displays,
of life after death.
Posthumously draped
in the finest linens.

if relics define
our fervid lives
let broken hearts
be mine.

Sep. 23rd, 2004

Your Penis Name is: Dirk Diggler

Weary leaves have begun to fall
dotting the grass in disarray, but one
tree remains with leaves.
Refusing to go quietly

Strange warmth reminds us
of younger days
and cool winds urge us
to take comfort in silent arms

Late at night, time runs rampant
behind closed doors and heavy eyes.
Tongue tied and empty
a muted tear falls

As the frost sets, a single leave
abandons it’s perch
Winters icy hands pluck

Through a blizzard of orange
stark branches brave
A memento
of what was.
so last night we had five cases and lots of liquor. We had soooo many people over it was crazy. All the rooms were full of people doing mischievous things and what not. The beer pong table was littered with beer this morning, and there were beers everywhere in my room. and then tonight, we had a party again, and I told the girl I had a crush on her, and she shot me down like none other...act on im was like, we have to meet, and then was like..uh..no...and i was like...thanks...fucking bitch..but we're still friends...shit...God, gimme a beautiful smart sirl@@@@ please?

Aug. 20th, 2004

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The truth is, the only game system I ever had was a gameboy, and I broke that very early on :P. Now if I try to play a video game, I get really bad headaches.

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